May 23 → June 04 2019

Feedback Forum Open

June 04 → June 14 2019

Feedback Review

We are looking at your feedback - we will share it with you shortly
June 05 → July 19 2019

Modify Strategy based on Feedback

We are taking your feedback and making adjustments to our Strategy.
July → September 2019

Start Laying the Foundation for Change

Milton will start to get the gears turning on projects that don't require council approval. Look for some small changes in your community. We will get the ball rolling on all of the recommendations in an order that will allow you to see the greatest changes.
September 16 2019

Present Youth Strategy to Council

We hope you can come out to our Council Meeting at 7 pm to show your support for the Youth of Milton
September → December 2019

Phase One - Youth Strategy Implementation

Milton will take the approved recommendations and start to get the projects running. Make sure to stay tuned to see changes and more opportunities for you in your community.